Act now on a high growth business venture.


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Act now on a high growth business venture.
Are you looking for a business opportunity based on a proven concept in an industry that offers the advantages of high growth, stable recurring revenue, and equity with little or no competition?

Quick Facts
  • Category
    Business Services, Computer & Internet
  • Description
    Time waits for no one...Act now to become involved in a high growth, automated payroll processing and timekeeping business venture!
  • Liquid Capital Suggested
    $35,000 - $70,000
  • Total Investment Suggested
    $35,000 - $70,000
  • Business Type
    Business Opportunity
TimePlus® Payroll, the pioneer developer and largest supplier of high tech software services and products in the integrated payroll service and timekeeping industry, is seeking a limited number of qualified candidates to license TimePlus® Software throughout North America.

The TimePlus® Payroll licensee base consists of CPAs, bookkeepers, payroll professionals, corporate executives, sales people, and marketing professionals desiring outside success with their own businesses. The many service center operators also bring a wide range of experience from all walks of life. This drive and determination is contagious.

The Five Advantages
  • Stable Recurring Revenue ($250,000+) and Equity - Whether the economy is in a recession or rapidly moving forward, TimePlus Payroll clients continually pay for monthly services that are critical to their businesses. Once a company becomes a TimePlus Payroll client, it is likely to remain a member for life.
  • Proven Concept and Industry - Over the past 11 years, TimePlus® Payroll has grown into a network of over 200 TimePlus® Payroll licensees across the country. These licensees provide payroll and time and attendance services to thousands of clients while also writing millions of paychecks.
  • High Growth Industry - The integrated payroll and timekeeping industry is a 22.7 billion dollar a year industry, most of which is still largely untapped!
  • Name Recognition - The TimePlus® Payroll name is a federally registered trademark in the U.S. and Canada, and our services and products are used by thousands of satisfied clients throughout North America.
  • Competition? - In today's dynamic digital revolution, TimePlus® Payroll is the competition!
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