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An August 2012 article by Norm Brodsky states that "tens of thousands of CPAs make a living doing returns for small-business clients. They're missing a great opportunity." Over 100 of our TimePlus® Payroll licensees have figured out what that opportunity is. These CPAs, bookkeepers, payroll professionals and others, use TimePlus® Payroll as a reliable extension of their service offerings to clients.

TimePlus® Payroll software is a great choice for both you and your clients. By partnering with us, you'll enjoy:
  • Immediate, secure access to all your clients' payroll reports, W-2 information, tax payments and more.
  • One log-in for all your clients - avoid the hassle of having a separate log-in for each client.
Add even more value to your client relationships:

Explore this site to learn how TimePlus® Payroll will design a custom solution for you and your clients. Or if you’d like to be contacted by a TimePlus® Payroll representative so you can learn more about us and how we can serve your clients, please fill out this form.

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